Identity Manager

The given tool to delegate management of user information and permissions directly in your web browser.
Tech Infos
User friendly and flexible

Easy to use and access. Gives administrators and end-users a tool to change or view only what they are given permission to.

Look and feel
Customize the application with text and images and generate a look and feel like an application in your organization.

Customize to your organization's needs
Many times, an organization must adapt to an application because of its limitations. With IM you can adapt the application to your organizations instead!

Low TCO - high ROI

Integrates with existing infrastructure
Integrates easily with your infrastructure, e.g. Active Directory. No extra user store is added.

Support several roles
Customize tool to your organization and processes.

Quick setup
Implementation of IM is uncomplicated and the need for training is minimal.

Examples of IM roles

Self service
User can login and view and edit information by themselves. E.g. add ICE, private mobile. ICE = incase of emergency

Help Desk / Service Desk
Create, manage and delete user, group or other objects.

A manager can search and manage its users, e.g. reset password, add mobile telephone, group membership.

Manage my distribution list
A user can manage group membership for its distribution lists for whom the user is owner.

Manage access to my Share
Point sites A user can manage access to its SharePoint site or any resources protected by a group where the user is owner.

IM includes several pre-defined roles
Service Desk, Identity Auditor and Self Service are included.

Create your own roles
Use above roles or start fresh. You can create your own roles quick and easy to map your needs.

Authentication Services

Multi-factor authentication
Choose between several authentication methods and provide easy access when users login on-premise or to the cloud. Self enrolment portal for rapid activation.

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